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I do like the graphical scheme of this, it has nice feeling to it, simple colors but all nicely put together :) I also think that the music is nice and fitting, quite chill actually! Also the rock sound effects work quite well together, there is nothing too loud or something that feels off!

The controls as someone mentioned before are quite difficult and I felt like the moving speed could acutally be quite a bit faster. Right now there is not much of a rewarding feeling in the game, it does take a lot of time to get somewhere only to see you falling off the cliff cause of the difficult and slow handling. But all in all, it really has some nice vibe and I could imagine that with a few parameter tweaks it could be quite fun! 

The camera turn to see from one point of view to another felt a bit too quick but thats just a minor thing. Nice little project ^^

The lighting is really good, I like the atmosphere it creates. 

The controls are hard to use. I couldnt make the stone move unless I moved the mouse way to much, which destroys any precision. Giving an option to set the sensitivity for the mouse would solve this problem.

Cheers :)

Will Wanderlith have a mac version?

'Fraid not my friend, Wanderlith is a jam game, I didn't and don't have time to make compatible all of the little pieces of it that aren't Mac compatible.