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The radiation is rising, I have to dig deeper...

Your life has, along with the rest of the world's, already come to an end by any meaningful definition.  For the moment, the only way to claw back just a bit more time in your doomed universe, is to dig, Deeper and Deeper

In Under The End, your task is to race your skills at constructing infrastructure against a rising tide of radioactive death.  You will find yourself up against limited resources, challenging terrain, hostile fauna, and an oppressive atmosphere in your quest to do something as outwardly simple as go deeper.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the camera not butting up against the bottom of the world
  • Somewhat improved accuracy of player collision with terrain (I still recommend not playing around on the seams in the world that look buggy, they are buggy.)
  • Fixed a bug where, if the construction tool was selected before anything else, the game would crash


  • A/D to move
  • Space to jump
  • Q/E or Number Keys to select tools
  • Mouse to operate tools
  •   Pickaxe: Click and Hold to dig
  •   Mining Laser: Click to fire
  •   Wiring: Click an existing node to pick an attachment point, Click to create the next mode, Right Click to cancel
  •   Scaffolding: Click to create scaffolding
  • Alt+F4 to quit
  • T to skip the tutorial (since you're reading this)

Unnecessary Deets

Note: I intended for you not to need to read this stuff to figure it out, but in the interest of letting you judge my game quickly, here's a rundown

  • Radiation is coming down from above in a wave.  The closer you are to that wave, the more battery life you spend, and the more your geiger counter ticks about it
  • Your Battery is keeping you alive, don't let it run out
  • Your Battery is charged by a system of wires, which cost copper to extend into your tunnels
  • If your battery runs out, you respawn at the last wire you placed and lose your inventory (In the interest of making this jam-friendly, the radiation cannot overtake your spawn point)
  • You have to mine copper and iron to build things, which can be seen as occasional flashes of white or orange in the walls.  You can carry 5 pieces of metal in your inventory
  • Rad-slimes spawn in the underground caves, emit radiation, and want to hug you.  Shoot them.
  • Dig Deeper.

Install instructions

Love2D version  requires an installation of Love2D version 11.3 to run


Under The End for Windows 28 MB
UnderTheEnd.love 24 MB
Under The End for Windows (Bugfixed).zip 28 MB
UnderTheEnd (Bugfixed).love 24 MB

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