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In this strategic, TF2-inspired game, two teams of ROVs compete to salvage treasure from a shipwreck.  Salvor is a small prototype multiplayer game I made for my friends as a Christmas present.  The game will continue to receive updates as long as there is interest.

*Notice* This is an early prototype, lots of important pieces are not in yet, for instance the match structure.  Importantly for the current version, the match ends when one team's treasure meter maxes out, at which point you will have to restart the server.


  • Spotter : A Nimble explorer that can squeeze through tight spaces, and can spray a noxious liquid to avoid being pursued.
  • Miner : The Miner is a hefty ROV designed to carry large loads of treasure.  True to its name, it can plant dangerous mines to close off pathways that would otherwise leave it vulnerable
  • Bubbler : Equipped with a device that can create powerful vortices, the Bubbler can push things around, blast open passages, and harass distant competitors.
  • Hunter : Fair play is out the window, The Hunter is a stealthy ROV equipped with a devastating saw, designed to separate its opponents from their profits.


  • QWEASD to rotate
  • SPACE to thrust forward, SHIFT to reverse
  • Left Click to use a Submarine's special ability
  • ESC to release the mouse
  • to access connection options
  • Comma to respawn


The hosting player must forward port 7788, from there a game can be hosted by clicking the "LAN Host" Button in the top right of the screen when the game starts.

Connecting players enter the host's ip address in the box next to the "LAN Client" button, and then click that button to connect.


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This looks really neat. Hopefully I get a chance to try it out.