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Welcome to Island Airmail Incorporated, where we proudly follow the motto of "Probably; Weather Permitting".  As a delivery pilot, you will be tasked with delivering e-ordered junk along its crooked final leg to its eager customers on our humble little island.  A note about that island though pal, keep a close eye on the weather.

Island Airmail Incorporated is not a fully, nor competently, assembled game, and was made for #WeeklyGameJam 63, where the theme was "Watch The Sky".  Your goal is to deliver packages to the runways of the five cities on the island, which are marked on your map.  Orienting that map is a matter of keen observation, as is navigating the highly unpredictable weather that plagues the island.  

Warning, this game's music has been, er, outsourced, to a lovely little Youtube livestream.  When you start the game, it will open that livestream in your browser, don't panic, no hax, just jazz.


  • W, S to pitch, A, D to yaw, Q, E to roll
  • Drag the Red Slider up to increase throttle
  • Drag the Blue Slider  down to increase airbrake
  • to show/hide the map
  • to panic if your airplane gets flipped too turnways


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Hey Dude! 

I just finished playing your game! Wow, this was a lot of fun! I can't believe you did all this in a week! 

Also, opening an internet browser was funny. I missed it the first time I opened it as I thought I accidently clicked internet explorer! The second time I opened it and stepped away for a second. Then, I started here some smooth Jazz! What a surprise! haha

Controls and objective feels good. I would to see them displayed inside the game before we take off and a title screen. Other than that, this is awesome! 

Great job! :D 



I loved the look and feel of this game. I was planning on doing something similar for this jam, but I figured it'd be do ambitious to do in the time allotted. Clearly I need to aim higher :D